Terms and Conditions

Cheap Removalists are always ready to serve you. But, we think certain things need to be made transparent before our service contract is signed. Our Terms and conditions are comprehensive and hope to set out our service goals. Please note, we are not common carriers, and we reserve the right to refuse or accept an order. From here on “We” or “Us” or “Our” means Cheap Removalist Private Limited Company based in Melbourne. “You” or “You’re” means you or your representative who is entering into a contract with us. “Goods” means your valuables including furniture and fixtures. “Services” is the full work undertaken by us, in connection with handling and storage of goods, as applicable.

Your obligations and warranties

We solely rely on the information you give us, and cannot be held responsible for discrepancies. Once we tailor a bespoke plan for you, we prepare the timeline to initiate the move. The driver will carry with him a ‘Job Sheet’ containing terms and conditions, job start time and job number. It is your responsibility to check and sign. We take instructions from you, or any person associated with you. This will continue until you tell us specifically not to follow his/her instructions. You will ensure you or your adult representative is present at all times during loading and unloading. The preexisting conditions of all goods will be verbally agreed on, and it is your responsibility to inform us of the fragile or brittle nature of Goods. Goods left behind or taken in error are not our liability, as it is your duty to see through the full loading and unloading process. Once the job is complete, you will be requested to sign the feedback/job sheet. The driver will record the price on the job sheet before you sign. It is your responsibility to ensure that our drivers are given a safe environment to work in. Parking charges or infringements during loading and unloading is your responsibility. You can instruct us to park further away if you deem it fit. In such circumstance, you are liable for the additional cost due to the extra time taken to load or unload your Goods.


Depending on the nature of Goods and destination, we shall be entitled to carry the Goods by any reasonable means and routes. We are bound to deliver the Goods to you or your authorized representative. In circumstances where we cannot deliver Goods, as there is no authorized person to receive them or due to lack of access to the premises, we are entitled to unload the Goods into a warehouse. We will charge an additional amount for storage and redelivery of Goods. We will contact you first in such a scenario to see if you have alternate instructions. In case of inadequate access to premises, we will act at our discretion. We will either leave the Goods outside the premises or take it back to point of origin at an additional cost. Please note, we are not obliged to make any modifications to the property or the Goods, to resolve the access issues. We will not be liable for any loss, or damage or other consequences due to our services being delayed for reasons and circumstances beyond our control like unexpected traffic conditions, road repairs, accidental vehicle breakdowns etc We reiterate that we cannot be held responsible for any loss you incur due to the delay.

Cancellations, Charges and Payments

Cancellations and alterations is quite an important section for you and us! If a date for performance of service is agreed between you and us, and you require the booked job to be cancelled or altered within 24 hours of the job, we are entitled to make a reasonable additional charge for any loss/additional expenses that we encountered due to such alterations. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled job, no cancellation charges will apply, unless we spent monies preparing for your job, like buying specific tools for your special requirements, or have made any other special arrangements for the job. Regarding payments, we accept Cash, Bank Transfer, Bank Cheque ( no personal checks) and Credit Card Payments. We, at our discretion, may request full payment before unloading goods at your destination. If any dispute arises and cannot be resolved immediately, we reserve the right to refuse to unload. We have a general lien on all Goods we move, against outstanding monies owed by you. For non-payment, we reserve the right to refuse delivery of Goods, retain the Goods, Dispose of the Goods to realise monies or re-enter your premises to seize Goods. In circumstances where your Goods are placed in a warehouse ( always in as-is condition,) storage charges will apply. Once you clear our payments including storage and related costs, the Goods can be organised for redelivery at normal charges. You can make your own arrangements for the same if you wish.


We will not be liable for any damages due to causes beyond our control. The Goods we move are deemed to be in “transit” from the moment they are picked up by us, until the time they are dropped off at the intended destination. Though we take impeccable care during the move, we recommend obtaining a ‘Goods in Transit’ insurance to cover the Goods. If the Goods are damaged due to defective or inadequate packaging, you indemnify us of any loss. Few products like electronics are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder, no matter how carefully they are handled. We are not liable with respect to such items. In case of damages due to our negligence, if proper evidence is presented, we will attempt to get the damage repaired ( and in case of un-repairable damages, our maximum liability is) upto a value of $300. We must be informed of any damages immediately, as you are required to inspect all Goods after they are unloaded. No claims for damages after we leave the premises will be entertained. If our vehicle is damaged by your negligence, you shall be liable for all costs incurred to fix that.

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