How much does a removalist cost in Melbourne?

Post by : cheap-removalistOctober 29, 2020

When we are planning to move one of the most commonly asked questions and looked up phrases is: “how much will my move cost?” The House moving process should be straightforward from start to finish. While moving you find many complications, but when you hire professional and cheap movers in Melbourne, they have the experience to tackle any complications. We find many cheap movers in Melbourne. The following information should give you an idea of how much your relocation to Melbourne will cost and you get to know about Melbourne movers’ prices.

Property size and furniture:

How much furniture and the size of your property will play a role in how much your removal process will cost. If you have a big house but only small furniture, or a small apartment with a very large amount of furniture, you should tell the Melbourne movers when you are finalizing the moving company or cheap movers in Melbourne. A large house will take longer to pack, unpack and transport than a small house. This helps you to select the right size of the truck for your job.


If all your items are packed and ready to go before our removalists arrive, this will do the job well-organized and easier and you have to pay less. Markdown your boxes, so you can easily identify the things that you put inside and handle those boxes easily. Cheap movers in Melbourne would do this task efficiently without any instruction. 


The distance between your two places will have an effect on the cost involved in moving. You also need to look at the traffic conditions. Avoid peak hour traffic times, if possible. If your two properties are closer, quicker the driver will be for the removalists. 

Average moving process in Melbourne:

Cheap movers in Melbourne charge at an hourly rate. Every property is different, you can get a rough idea of how long it might take for your move. Our company Cheap Removalists takes care of your goods and tries to avoid any kind of damage and injury. They will work as quickly and professionally. We know that vans are more suited for moving the small volume of precious items, and that is why we have two men and a 4T truck. We know all aspects of relocation can be a hassle but moving stuff now doesn’t need to be one of them. 

The following estimates are averages based on the relocation times.

A 1-bedroom house/apartment unit takes typically 2-4 hours. 

A 2-bedroom house/apartment unit takes typically 4-6 hours. 

A 3-bedroom house/apartment unit takes typically 5-8 hours. 

A 4-bedroom house/apartment unit takes typically 7-10 hours. 

Remember any of the factors will increase the relocation times, as well as any unforeseen factors which occur on the day. Depending upon the time Melbourne movers’ prices are decided.

The factors which increase the price of relocation or moving home:

  • Many stairs
  • Difficulty in property access
  • Heavy items
  • Fragile items 
  • A large amount of furniture
  • Long travel distance from the property to property 

The best thing you can do is to get a clear idea of how much your relocation will cost. Contact some local cheap movers in Melbourne for a no-obligation quote. 

Cheap Removalists will impress you with their efficient follow-up, and they can do an online quote for you if required. Cheap Removalists are as concerned about your move as you’re. 

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